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Second degree burn not healing?

I have a second degree burn that doesnt seem to be healing. k this is the story 6 days ago i sat on a hot curling iron went to the er the put all the cream ad guaze they told me to. my burn is now pinkish and not much improvement from the first time i burnt it. followed up with a doctor and she told me to scrub off all the dead skin that grows over the pink spot. But the anitbacteria cream is preventing it from healing in my opinion. Kuz i feel like the skin that grows over my pink skin is like a scab but the doc told me to scrub it off. I dont feel like their telling me to do the right thing. i want to keep the cream on but not wash off all the dead skin kuz i think its forming a a scab. what should i do i dont think doctors dont always know best.

Second degree burn not healing?
get a second opinion from a plastic surgeon or a burns surgeon

email if you still have questions - send photos
Reply:Burns normally take much longer to heal. Follow the doctors orders. Anti-bacteria cream will not prevent your burn from healing.
Reply:Leave it alone! I had a second degree burn on my leg, and it took about 3 weeks for it to blister, drain and lose the dead skin. It healed nicely and there's no scar. (Using the cream they gave me and gauze, of course.)

If you scrub off the skin, it'll continue to hurt and wil scar.
Reply:I had a burn and had to go through therapy and they basically put me through the same thing except they also pulled the scabby looking stuff with tweezers. Eventually, I developed goose-bump looking spots in my burn and they grew together. That's the stuff you want to see in your burn. Not the scabby stuff... I was told that's were bacteria lives and breeds. Not cleaning it properly could lead to a bad infection!
Reply:I had a 2nd degree burn and it took 6 months to go away. Do what you think is right, but keep in mind that ER doctors see a lot of people with burns so they are probably telling you the right thing to do. Don't expect the burn to heal anytime soon. Just be patient!
Reply:Your doctor is a big idiot you should sue her lol.. i wish!

But anyway i had a similar 2nd degree burn but it was from the sun which is even worse. all the skin around my nose peeled off and sore pink skin came out. My mother told me to constantly but aloe verra on it .. (from the real plant)

You can go to fortinos and buy one i'm pretty sure.

It might take a week or two. Mine took a week and 3 days.

Why would you scrap off your skin? thats just adding extra damage to the pink skin and the scab trying to form.

The pink skin is brand new so it will need time to fade back to normal. Do not scrub it at all. The aloe will help the pink skin begin to go back to normal. Since you've been scrubbing for a week now you have to re start.

it will probably be about 4 days before you see major improvment. Buy this product but don't use it until the pink skin doesn't hurt anymore :Avene eeau thermal at a drugstore.

it's thermal spring water and it contains PH which normal skin contains. Pink skin doesn't have much ph as you can tell it's not white. Ph is what makes your actual skin the colour it is. If your black or brown it will make it go back to your skin colour.

Eat healthy to that may help your immune system to quicken healing(somone told me that and i think it works)


if a scab goes over the pink skin let it be there for about 5 days then buy biore strips for blackheads and put it on your nose. It will take off the scab, I know you think this will prevent healing but it actually help the already new skin underneath breath. Now start using the thermal water. At this point the new pink skin will no longer be sore and it will begin to harden and not feel as soft. It will take 3-6 more days to completely go back to normal from this point.
Reply:i recommend using all natural topicals, as they're proven to work, because they've been used for thousands of years.

tea tree oil is an anticeptic.

honey is an anti-inflamatory.

aloe vera aids in healing burns.

also, there's an ointment you can buy that works really well, by Burt's Bees:
Reply:Guess everyone has an opinion.... here's what I tried and it worked with minimal scarring. See if you can get the real Aloe Vera plant juice (preferably from the plant, if not get as pure as they sell). After gently cleaning your wound, squeeze the Aloe, let as much as possible sit on the infected area. Take the Oil out of a Vit. E capsule (puncture with a sterilized pin, do that by heating up the tip with a lighter or match). Squeeze just a bit on top of the aloe juice. Gently, rub the two together with a sterile q-tip or cotton ball. Try to leave uncovered if possible, the air helps it heal faster. If not, put a VERY sterile gauze bandage, but a bit loose, so it doesn't soak up the mixture, plus it let's air get to it. I hope this helps... Good Luck, sweetie. And here's a big 'ol cyber hug to go with it...

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Now, doesn't it feel a little bit better? Good! @'~}


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    1. Everything that Becher said was incorrect and detrimental to your health in healing from a second degree burn. Never, Never, NEVER put ice on a burn, or even cold or iced water. This will damage the skin even further as the temperature of the water will cause the burn to have partial frostbite in return since it is hypersensitive at this point. It will lengthen the process of healing as well. Instead use lukewarm water and wash away the debris still trapped inside the wound such as dead skin, blood, dust particles. Be careful when cleaning away clothing that was burned on top of the wound, I would not recommend doing this by yourself and instead done by a medical team that can professionally debridement the area that is larger than 2 inches in diameter.

      Applying aloe or fat based products such as petroleum jelly to a wound that is fresh is not recommended as it will seal the burn in place and cause it to not release any type of heat still trapped in there from the inflammation caused by the trauma. This will worsen the healing process and overall outcome of whether it will scar or not. Instead, use a burn cream or antibiotic meant for burns so that it will promote tissue to grow in areas while letting it breathe and lessening the pain overall. Granted you will have to debris it every time to when changing your dressings due to build up of these ointments to prevent infections from getting in your wounds, but the healing process will be much more beneficial than what Becher was recommending. Your skin will naturally die here over a period of days since the flesh is rebuilding itself layer by layer, and the dermis and epidermis usually die with no oil or water can be contained to maintain it at that point in time. So you must clean it away so that new skin cells can rebuild slowly but surely across the burn.

      The process of a second degree burn to heal takes time and effort on your part in cleaning and dressing it, here are the steps:
      Step 1: Cleaning
      Clean the area twice a day every 12 hours or so with a mixture lukewarm water and antibacterial soap, wash away the excess dead skin and soap (and yellow film that forms from the silver that oxidizes on top of your skin from the burn cream, it is not pus) from the wound and dry it.
      Step 2: Burn cream or Antibiotic Cream for Smaller burns
      Apply the topical cream or burn cream such as silvedene that they prescribed liberally. These products are the ones that will prevent excess scarring and the wound should heal perfectly fine with minimal to no damage if done properly.
      Step 3: Dressing the wound(s)
      Apply a gauze pad/sponge gauze pad over the area with the ointment and tape down to secure it in place. Cloth tape works best here, also these gauze pads let the wound breathe since they are not air tight like most band-aids. If needed, wrap the dressing around the pad tightly so that the pad doesn't come lose and the wound is exposed. Not too tightly though since getting an ample supply of blood circulation to these areas is very important in promoting a fast and healthy recovery.

      Do this twice ad day and you should be well within 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of the burn you are dealing with.

      Sources: The burn specialist I had informed me of all this when I received treatment for the burns on my back. A man that has worked in a distinguished institutional with 30+ years experience in burn patients.
      No scarring afterwards, took me 3 1/2 weeks to fully recover.