Monday, November 16, 2009

Fell down and my skin ripped off totally, HELP!!!?

About 2 days ago. I fell down and knocked my leg really hard on the door. I mean below the door. The skin on my foot just rip off about 1cm long and 0.3cm wide. The thing is that my 1st layer of skin is totally gone. I can see my second layer skin. No pain at the moment coz there is no skin to send impulse to my brain..

Just about 1-2 minutes later it started to bleed. I feel like going to go fainted after about 5-8 minutes, so i decided to drink some water. It helped.

And now (2days later) some scab formed on the wound.

The problem is that i find it hard to walk. My skin around the wound is getting alittle red and it feels like there is something inside the skin(alittlebit hot). Blood most probably.

I think my blood vessel on my 1st layer of skin is cut off and blood is flowing through out the space between my 2 layer of skin.

It feels like something is going to burst out from my skin thround the wound..

Does any1 get into this trouble before?.. what to do?

Help me ASAP =(

Fell down and my skin ripped off totally, HELP!!!?
ok it's getting mildly infected. get some neosporin (or any topical antibiotic ointment) and apply to the wound. wrap the wound in some nice sterile dressing. take some ibuprofen and relax. you're not going to bleed to death and your leg most likely won't fall off.

and btw, acetaminophen (tylenol) will do nothing for the swelling or infection. and be worried about any doctor that can't spell advil or tylenol.
Reply:I would go to the dr or to the ER. They would be the best ones to help you!

Er would probably be faster.
Reply:The heat you feel may be the sign of a possible is the body's response to bacteria. I would suggest getting some peroxide and cleansing the wound very well. Go to the store and purchase some gauze ("sterile" if available), triple antibiotic ointment and tape or large band-aids. Clean the area with sterile water, then the peroxide and apply a thin layer of ointment.....put the gauze over it and change it once per day. You will NEED to STAY OFF of your foot for a least a week because it will take longer to heel with the constant pressure.

Good Luck
Reply:It sounds like you might be getting infected.

Wash the wound well with soap and water, unless you have some peroxide, then you can dab it and then rinse. If you have any Bacitracin or other antibiotic ointment, put some of that on. Then apply gauze or a clean cloth of anykind -- a ripped up handkerchief or whatever. Then wrap it with a compression type wrap -- Ace bandage, Coban (co-hesive bandage) but not too tight to cut off the circulation of your foot. Or whatever long strip of cloth you can find for the time being.

I would suggest going to the ER or any doc in the box type of place, since you might actually have to be put on antibiotics.

I hope it's not all that bad, but if it is, leaving it untreated by a medical professional might be a mistake this time.
Reply:You need to go to a hospital or a family doctor, to get this wound cleaned and if needed closed.

The hotness and swelling you are feeling is from the inflammation of the wound and tissue oedema,

most propably the wound is getting infected which can really make things worse, especially if you are a diabetic person (you should check esp that you say you can't feel the pain in the wound).

until you go to the doctor, make sure to clean the wound with soap and water, an over the counter pain bill (like adevil or tylanol) will help you with the pain and will decrease the inflammation
Reply:It's probably some normal inflammation around the area. I'm sure you whacked it pretty hard and there's some soft tissue swelling I'm sure. The warmth and redness makes me think that there's an infection going on. You should have put a compress on it (even if it was paper towels!) to stop the bleeding ASAP, put some triple antibiotic on it (Neosporin) and kept it covered to keep germs out of it. Start putting the Neosporin on it NOW, cover it and take Tylenol to keep the infection (and possible fever down the road) at bay.
Reply:I tripped over some boards 4/28/06 and it's bearly finishing the healing part. Because the and nerves have been damaged the healing has to start from the inside out. If it starts on to then the injured part will become infected. You have to keep it very clean. I used neosportin. I didn't go to the doctor because I thought I could handle it myself. I should have gone because it started to get infected and I needed antibiotics. Please see a doctor to have this deep wound looked after.

I have damage all around the the area out. The skin is like a plastic and itches at times. When this happens i spray it with benedryl for allergies and it helps. I hope this helps you somewhat.
Reply:You should have immediately cleaned the wound with peroxide and put neosporin or some other type of ointment on it and bandaged it to prevent infection. It sounds like you may already have an infection at this point though (foot wounds are really succeptible to infections since your feet are constantly touching the ground which is covered in bacteria) so you should go to the emergency room or see a doctor about it right away; they will clean the wound properly and probably put you on some sort of antibiotic.
Reply:You may be getting a superficial infection because of the large skin being ripped off. I'd suggest going to see your nearest podiatrist for an evaluation. You may need to be put on 7-10days of antibiotics. Leave the scab alone as it will heal on its own - your doctor may debride that if it looks it needs to be debrided. I'd also cover the area with Neosporin and a big gauze pad. Please do go see that doctor soon - red, hot, swollen usualy means infection. Hope this helps!

night jasmine

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